LFC Clean Energy Ownership Program

A Low-Cost Way for Companies to Own Clean Energy Systems

Solar PV and thermal, wind turbines, energy storage, and cogeneration, qualify separately or in any combination, including a fully integrated corporate microgrid with energy management software and controls.

LFC Capital, Inc., with more than $1.5 billion of equipment leasing experience, has created a straightforward program for commercial and industrial companies seeking greater overall value from energy systems than the limited cost savings offered by power purchase agreements.  The program is especially appealing to companies such as LLCs that cannot directly benefit from a federal tax credit.

The LFC program uses a traditional operating lease and innovative purchase options to provide companies with a predictable low cost of ownership while satisfying tax rules. Companies obtain an attractive return on investment by keeping all energy savings over the system’s life.

Program available in all 50 states for transactions from low six figures to $5 million.

Key Benefits

For more information, please contact:

Stanley S. Fishbein, JD, LLM (Tax)
Direct (New York):  914.613.8454
email: sfishbein@lfccapital.com

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